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vCloud Director Auto Password Generation and SID Change bug/change at provisioning time ..


After upgrade vCloud Director, there is an issue about Windows VM provisioning about SID change and password reset

Issue is on version 1.5 SID and password reset –> allow local administrator password option default selected but after upgrade this options come unchecked and you have to manually set it before power on the vm if you need it

Look Change SID and Allow local administrator password check box and


What vDirector Do Not Support and You Should Care About Some Features Before Use


Looks like vDirector 1.5.x still far a way from what VMware vSphere supported features, i guess we will see new version so closer

Before implement and start to use some feature please be aware ….

  • Very useful feature `Auto Deploy` is not supported yet !
  • FT Not Supported yet !
  • No Backup solution via vDirector, you can not give backup service via vDirector yet !
    • Veeam
    • Netbackup
    • vSphere Data Recovery (Not For Enterprise)
  • vDirectore do not support MacOSX template now !
  • Reseller Option is not supported yet !
  • vShiled Endpoint not supported yet !
  • No socket and core relation like vSphere 5
  • Storage vMotion (SDRS) not supported yet ! Be careful because if you will use rapid provisioning SDRS also do not support it !
  • No Nexus integration yet !

I will try to update this list but i guess thats all for now