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Quick Tips for Veeam Startup Users

To find out best configuration for your structure you have to test yourself many options but i would like to give you some tips
Also pls share your knowledge with your commands

Don’t wait much more things from Dedup

After some tests i saw that Dedup is not working perfect on veeam still compression is best option
To get result Veeam recommend ; Use latest version of Veeam Software, put more more more VM in one job 1-2 VM is not a solution, to get better dedup pls try dedup friendly compression option and/or use Target as a WAN but its can effect backup time and set your repo settings Align backup file data blocks and Decompress backup data before storing but don’t forget this will cause you eat much more space then compression

Looks like compression only backup is best

Pls disable on repo settings Align backup file data blocks and Decompress backup data before storing and if you would not use dedup pls disable inline dedup option

More proxy server more cpu power for better task and backup utilization

In Veeam environment its looks like better to have cpu which have more core , a easy formula 2 core for each task or process , for more task and concurent process need to have proxy more core and more proxy

Don’t forget the VMTools SYNC option activated on Linux VMs

if you care about Mysql aware backup or VSS like option on Linux pls control your vmtools installation because default a SYNC option comes no and EXPERIMENTAL.

Be aware that Veeam Support PowerShell its give you a great functionality to have your own self portal and ability to create your own multi-tenancy environment 

if possible use SAN Transport Model

if possible manage your repo writes and care about backup system , its good that veeam have a report option and see where is the bottleneck, i guess its not possible always to solve the problem on source side but its good to have it 

if possible use HP Lefthand 🙂 aaa very interesting that why Veeam introduce a new feature of read VMware and Hyper-V data from only HP Lefthand snapshots, hope they can support more more storage vendor in shortly


Extend or add datafile to tablespace for no oracle admins like me

Connected server i couldn’t find enterprise manager and PL/SQL Developer already open and after some search ;

First need to get tablespace name 🙂

select * from dba_data_files

If you know the name of your tablespace type like below

select * from dba_data_files t where t.TABLESPACE_NAME = ‘xxxxxx’

Need to be resize then continue like below , this process will increase the size 50G not additional 50G 🙂


Here you should be careful because you can touch the block limit of related datafile and need to be create additional one like below

To add additional datafile to tablespace then use such command below


And you have to wait , i guess its writing 0 to all file and go !



Upgrade Dell 8024-k Blade 10Gbe Switch (Interconnect)

a quick note for upgrade M8024-K from 4.x firware to 5.x

Before do something need to be backup, before backup 🙂 you need to be sure that running config copied to startup or not

Pls be sure about running config same with startup config

copy running-config startup-config

I guess you already have it but be sure that you have enable password


M8024-k-10Gb-ESW-B1#(config)# enable password XXXXXX


M8024-k-10Gb-ESW-B1#copy running-config startup-config

Copy running config to TFTP server, i’m using Solarwinds free TFTP server, its running on windows also because of i have a blade i can use outbound port for connect it

M8024-k-10Gb-ESW-B1#copy running-config tftp://

After you check the backup output because sometime TFTP looks like uploaded but uploaded file shouldn’t be %100

From page with using the tag of switch or from products pls download a new version or required version  and unzip it , you have to catch a file with over .stt pls put it on TFTP root folder, for solarwinds you have to see it on C: drive like TFTP-ROOT and download it from switch like below

M8024-k-10Gb-ESW-B1#copy tftp:// image

Transfer Mode……………………………. TFTP  

Server IP Address…………………………

Source File Path…………………………. ./

Source Filename………………………….. PCM8024kv5.0.1.3.stk

Data Type……………………………….. Code            

Destination Filename……………………… image


Management access will be blocked for the duration of the transfer

Are you sure you want to start? (y/n) y

TFTP code transfer starting

13013624 bytes transferred…

File contents are valid. Copying file to flash…

File transfer operation completed successfully.

Now be sure that switch placed right place the image with show version command like below

M8024-k-10Gb-ESW-B1#show version

Image Descriptions 

 image1 :  

 image2 :  

 Images currently available on Flash 

unit  image1       image2       current-active     next-active       

—– ———— ———— —————– —————– 

1      image1             image1

Maybe on your side a new version could be on image1 pls be careful

Activate it

M8024-k-10Gb-ESW-B1#boot system image2 

Activating image image2 ..

Update the firmware , means start to use a new firmware, this will require reboot on switch be careful and if  you have a stacking on switch side then it will take more time and master switch take care about process

M8024-k-10Gb-ESW-B1#update bootcode 

Update bootcode and reset (Y/N)?y

Issuing boot code update command… Validating boot code from image…CRC Valid.

From CMC , because i’m using blade pls connect to the switch and update CPLD, i can do this update via CMC because from switch its not allow me.

If you wonder what is CPLD you can find out from this link , UNDERSTAND 🙂

Make ssh connection to CMC

$ connect switch-3

connect: acquiring remote port.

Connected to remote port.

Escape character is ‘^\’.


Execute such command , you should check the revision,  it should be 5

M8024-k-10Gb-ESW-B1#dev cpldTest

CPLD REVISION:                4

HW Version   :             6



SFP STATUS_1 register = 7f

SFP STATUS_2 register = 7f

SYS_SLOTB_PG :              0

SYS_SLOTA_PG :              1





Slot 1 status:  Slot 2 status:  SFP+ MODULE INSTALLED


value = 22 = 0x16


And update it

console#dev cpldUpdate

Don’t worry you will get some error kind of message out but its okay continue and last reset of switch via CMC again.

$  racadm chassisaction -m switch-3 reset

Module power operation successful

After switch restart pls login and check you config and version , thats it



Be sure SQL logs are truncated when using Veeam backup

To be sure that application aware backup really truncate sql logs file pls fallow

First on log files of Veeam backup you can not find such information %allusersprofile%\Veeam\Backup

You have to go Windows logs , Applications tab , source should be MSSQLSERVER

You should see first process like below

I/O is frozen on database DB1. No user action is required. However, if I/O is not resumed promptly, you could cancel the backup.

Then this

I/O was resumed on database DB1. No user action is required.

Backup Process

Database backed up. Database: DB1, creation date(time): 2012/12/07(14:59:40), pages dumped: 9665, first LSN: 519:339:1, last LSN: 519:341:1, number of dump devices: 1, device information: (FILE=1, TYPE=VIRTUAL_DEVICE: {‘{5A6DFFD2-352D-4329-BB2F-5E95F3064ADB}1’}). This is an informational message only. No user action is required.

And log truncation process

Log was backed up. Database: DB1, creation date(time): 2012/12/07(14:59:40), first LSN: 346:177:1, last LSN: 519:351:1, number of dump devices: 1, device information: (FILE=1, TYPE=DISK: {‘NUL’}). This is an informational message only. No user action is required.

If someone know to check with other way pls add a command.