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Time Config – Dell Blade Switchs

First enter to configuration mode and execute such commands (xx.yyy.zzz.ttt is your ip of ntp server)

sntp unicast client enable
sntp server xxx.yyy.zzz.ttt

to check everything pls execute command below

HEYBELIADA-M6348-A2#show sntp status

Client Mode:                       Unicast
Last Update Time:                  APR 13 11:39:14 2012

Unicast servers:
Server          Status                 Last response
————— ———————- ————————–
xxx.yyy.zzz.ttt    Success                11:38:09 Apr 13 2012

to check whole config execute command below

HEYBELIADA-M6348-A2#show sntp configuration

Polling interval: 64 seconds
MD5 Authentication keys:
Authentication is not required for synchronization.
Trusted keys:
No trusted keys.
Unicast clients: Enable

Unicast servers:
Server          Key             Polling         Priority
———       ———–     ———–     ———-
xxx.yyy.zzz.ttt    Disabled        Enabled        1

Same config is also working on M8024-k too.


Dell M8024-k 10G Switch and QLogic QME8242-k 10GbE and vSphere5 and Network Performance Issue


We have an issue about NPAR / VMWARE / QME8242-k. Issues and problems are below , we are waiting update from Dell , if we got it i will inform from this article.

  • We are using QME8242-k NICs connected to PCM8024-k switch.
  • When VMs are on the same host they can communicate.
  • When you migrate a VM it cannot communicate with the VMs on the other hosts.
  • When you make FTP or data transfer with E1000 card on VM after some minutes or seconds network card loose it self, same issue is not available on VXNET3
  • When you copy something between two nodes via FTP or CIFS you will see that transfer rate is so so small KB/s