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IBM v7000 Disk Firmware update cause any performance issue or effect anything?

to whom want to upgrade Storwize v7000 disk firmware (microcode)  🙂

to whom wonder any down time or performance issue should be expected or not  🙂

aaaa shortly yes ! you will see interesting chart like below ; IOPS values what you see in chart is measured after disk firmware update over

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 11.24.29 PM

For how to upgrade please read

You can find out putty,pscp,puttygen from

For not to me or quickly memorize or shortly such article

pscp -i you.generated.file.with.puttygen.for.auth.ppk IBM2076_INSTALL_upgradetest_9.15 username.which.has.sshkey@
Not: This folder at the upgrade time cleared by system because of space need and puttygen will help you to create a file for auth and you have to assign this key with a username what you create on v7000

After upload upgrade test file execute such command step by step
svcservicetask applysoftware -file IBM2076_INSTALL_upgradetest_9.15
svcupgradetest -f 
Not: This command show the count of drive need to be upgrade , you can also add -d parameter to see everything  as a list 

pscp -i you.generated.file.with.puttygen.for.auth.ppk IBM2076_DRIVE_You.Downloaded.Code username.which.has.sshkey@

To list the disk drives
svcinfo lsdrive -nohdr |while read did error use;do svcinfo lsdrive $did |while read id value;do if [[ $id == "firmware_level" ]];then echo $did" "$value;fi;done;done

To Upgrade single drive
svctask applydrivesoftware -file IBM2076_DRIVE_You.Downloaded.Code -type firmware -drive 23

To Upgrade some of disks

for did in 100 101;do echo "Updating drive "$did;svctask applydrivesoftware -file IBM2076_DRIVE_20110928 -type firmware -drive $did;sleep 10s;done


Fix the disk informations on both Oracle Rac 11G nodes for ASM

We need to install Oracle 11G and ASM point of view both node need to see same disk, generally multipath point of view when nodes come up its possible to see different LUN with different mapth name and its cause an issue for install oracle

There is an file under  /etc/multipath which name is bindings , you can see that world wide name of disks and multipath names there.

What i did , take the one of node config file information as a baseline and copy it to other, then everything become okay, we do not have any issue of Oracle ASM configuration  time about disk.

Related configuration is like below, hope its help for all

[root@kahin02-11g ~]# cat /etc/multipath/bindings
# Multipath bindings, Version : 1.0
# NOTE: this file is automatically maintained by the multipath program.
# You should not need to edit this file in normal circumstances.
# Format:
# alias wwid
mpatha 3600605b0023eb920ff0000bd0b6785e7
mpathb 360050768028288b5a000000000000037
mpathc 360050768028288b5a000000000000033
mpathd 360050768028288b5a000000000000034
mpathe 360050768028288b5a000000000000035
mpathf 360050768028288b5a000000000000038
mpathg 360050768028288b5a000000000000036
mpathh 360050768028288b5a00000000000003a
mpathi 360050768028288b5a000000000000039
mpathj 360050768028288b5a00000000000003b
mpathk 360050768028288b5a00000000000003c
mpathl 360050768028288b5a00000000000003d
mpathm 360050768028288b5a00000000000003e
mpathn 360050768028288b5a00000000000003f
mpatho 360050768028184d86000000000000039
mpathp 36006016005e02a0062bd18bb1ceee111
mpathq 36006016005e02a00222472a325c2e211
mpathr 36006016005e02a00e061de44f8bde211