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VSPP Partners Check Your vCloud Usage Meter vRAM Calculation

We catch that vDirector Usage Meter vRAM billing calculation change after vCenter upgrade to last version ūüėÄ
We learned that ‘There is a bug which is not recorded in system.’
A new billing memory calculation is simplified and no longer limits billable vRAM based on reservation pool virtual datacenters.
It is now simply the larger of either the reserved memory or half the configured memory for the virtual machine. This billing change only
applies to new collections. The Usage Meter does not modify existing data, nor data associated with an upgrade.

VPN Config vShield Edge to CheckPoint

This document is covering vShield to CheckPoint VPN configuration.

vShield defaults are on such article,  for configuration on vShield side you can get reference from this article.

CheckPoint steps and screenshots are below ;

First create the device 


Then create an object for remote network which cover xx.xx.xx.xx/24 for example and integrate it with device


if you already have some vpn configuration before pls add you local network on related group which is described on Manually defined , if you do not have create one group object and add your local network which will make a vpn configuration with remote site and set it


Create a community 


Aggregate two firewalls 

Configure Phase 1 & 2

Set encryption and has algorithm for phase 1 & 2

Set DH Group , SPF and timeout values 


Set pre-shared key


Add a rule(s)….


Thats it !

Thanks to Cem , you can find out many useful articles on his blog


PSOD Issue on vSphere 5.1


We had an issue about after upgrade vSphere 5.0 to 5.1
Somehow, when loaded or not loaded 5.1 nodes goes down , this is not only about upgrade, fresh installs have same issue
We fixed the issue with vmware with execute such command on console¬† “esxcli system settings advanced set -o /BufferCache/MinZeroCopyBufferLength -i 512” . This command need a restart of node
After long tests we saw that there is no issue with it  and vmware inform that with ESXi 5.1 Patch 01 problem will be solved.

You can find out what i got an errors
Also vmware inform that this is not hardware issue looks like software issue

Related Screen Shots ;


vCloud Director Auto Password Generation and SID Change bug/change at provisioning time ..


After upgrade vCloud Director, there is an issue about Windows VM provisioning about SID change and password reset

Issue is on version 1.5 SID and password reset –> allow local administrator password option default selected but after upgrade this options come unchecked and you have to manually set it before power on the vm if you need it

Look Change SID and Allow local administrator password check box and