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Dell M8024-k 10G Switch and QLogic QME8242-k 10GbE and vSphere5 and Network Performance Issue


We have an issue about NPAR / VMWARE / QME8242-k. Issues and problems are below , we are waiting update from Dell , if we got it i will inform from this article.

  • We are using QME8242-k NICs connected to PCM8024-k switch.
  • When VMs are on the same host they can communicate.
  • When you migrate a VM it cannot communicate with the VMs on the other hosts.
  • When you make FTP or data transfer with E1000 card on VM after some minutes or seconds network card loose it self, same issue is not available on VXNET3
  • When you copy something between two nodes via FTP or CIFS you will see that transfer rate is so so small KB/s