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What vDirector Do Not Support and You Should Care About Some Features Before Use


Looks like vDirector 1.5.x still far a way from what VMware vSphere supported features, i guess we will see new version so closer

Before implement and start to use some feature please be aware ….

  • Very useful feature `Auto Deploy` is not supported yet !
  • FT Not Supported yet !
  • No Backup solution via vDirector, you can not give backup service via vDirector yet !
    • Veeam
    • Netbackup
    • vSphere Data Recovery (Not For Enterprise)
  • vDirectore do not support MacOSX template now !
  • Reseller Option is not supported yet !
  • vShiled Endpoint not supported yet !
  • No socket and core relation like vSphere 5
  • Storage vMotion (SDRS) not supported yet ! Be careful because if you will use rapid provisioning SDRS also do not support it !
  • No Nexus integration yet !

I will try to update this list but i guess thats all for now


VMware vSphere Web Client Whole Config to Run

i do not want to write something about both after find out every single bit from different docs and  web sites i want to summarize ….

To activate web client access you need to first install related add-on from vCenter iso , it will show you service ports 9443 pls next and finish the installation

Like me you can try to access directly and remotely via you client(desktop/notebook) and get this perfect warning

“vSphere Web Client administration tool cannot be accessed from a remote host.”

You should register it 🙂 , register what ? register for can use web client with vcenter or access vcenter via web client but don’t forget you should have Adobe Flash Flex to access the link “hope one day we will not need to install many add-on to access somewhere or something”

Go to your vSphere client installation folder ;
cd C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphere Web Client\Scripts
Execute this ….
admin-cmd.bat register https://ip_of_where_you_installed-vSphere_Client-:9443/vsphere-client https://your-vcenter-ip-address administrator your-password

then it will be registered, maybe like me automatically you can put / after https://your-vcenter-ip-adderss but it will cause access problem warning

if you still want to register via GUI then install the Adobe Flash Flex and try to access this URI https://localhost:9443/admin-app

and time to manager remotely (I guess many Apple user waiting this and still i couldn’t imagine company like VMware whom more closer the linux world still do not support mysql/postgresql and luck the client to use windows until now)

Lets go https://ip-address:9443/vsphere-client

Still i couldn’t understand developers , there are 3 or 4 version of browser in the world are used mostly , IE,Firefox,Safari,Chrome but Web Client do not worl ohh ! sorry not functional %100 with Safari and Chrome which are fast browser ever on Mac but thanks God, thanks Firefox developers , its working that but I hate from IE, but good news in Win8 IE will be removable from system 😀


lsfabric out active/inactive issue with EMC VNX Series

Hi ,
We found that SVC do not understand EMC VNX fabric active or inactive, after long time IBM developers find out the issue and they will fix it.
APAR IC80749:
On controllers (for example EMC Clariion) that have fibre
channel logins as both target and initiator the active/inactive
state may be incorrectly displayed.
The reason is that both the target logins (which are being used)
and the initiator logins (which are not) may update the status.
Hence the status may be shown as “inactive” becuase the
initiator logins are not active, while the target ones are in
fact being used.
CMVC 142997 is tracking this.
No local fix or workaround.

Dynamic Routing OSPF Configuration for FortiGate

Hi ,

Instead of using static routing use OSPF for better management and flexibility.

To configure ;

config router ospf

config area




PS: is indicating routing table, in my configuration its but maybe it could be different in your network pls ask to network guys …

config network

edit 1

set prefix



PS: You should ask to network guys to with which network you will talk OSPF

config ospf-interface

edit “gig10”

set interface “port10”



PS: Also you should inform that via which interface you will talk OSPF, its generally your outside interface

config redistribute connected

set status enable


PS : This configuration explain that each internal stetted vlan interface or interface will be published to OSPF routing table

    set router-id


PS : This is only a tag, not more, generally i set the interface ip address.


Enable FortiGate vDOM Administration


To enable FortiGate vDom administration pls run fallowing commands on console.

config system global

set vdom-admin enable


Thats it ..