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Certificate is not always cause vCloud Director WebMKS Console “disconnect” issue

vCloud Director VM Console or WebMKS disconnect issue is not always about certificate, IP address of console proxy and port or Chrome issue ­čÖé

Don’t forget vCloud Director will try to establish connection to vSphere hosts via port tcp 902, check your firewall and connectivity first.

To debug, check the console-proxy file under the /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/logs folder.

For remember ;

  • file will help you to check out console proxy and vCD IP address, if you are using vCD Appliance there is always single IP address will be !
  • file will help you to check the port of console-proxy
  • if you are using load balancer in front of vCD, for console proxy there is an option like consoleproxy.external.address to describe LB IP address