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What will happen undeletable/unused vVOLs when you kick the ass of IBM Spectrum Control

Hello All

Actually all of them are my fault , sure %100

For to do a test vVOLs on IBM XIV IBM Spectrum Control installed , XIV added to it and related configurations done by it.

I dont know how but i made some mistakes about Service creation via IBM Spectrum Control and also after all test over destroyed all vCenter environment without clear something on IBM Spectrum Control and XIV but i know that i will be back (Terminator)

When i back and try to remove group pool from new installed IBM Spectrum Control, i faced an issue like below !

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 09.46.28

After long conversation with IBM support also find out another effect like in this link

To solve the problem the way is ;

First list the volumes from XIV (under root domain or new created domain)

vol_list managed=yes

Then delete such volumes in the error or you can delete whole vols which belong to same group pool if you will delete the group pool later

After all this i believe the instruction in link can be fallow but also another way

Login to IBM Spectrum Control , actually i restarted service of IBM Spectrum Control but i guess its no mandatory but like how Obi-Wan you should learn patience 

Then from IBM Spectrum Control remove the group pool