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Without vhd-util no way to start Cloudstack with Citrix XenServer Hypervisor

We are using Citrix XenServer with Cloudstack and it was first time to installation.

After installation over we saw that at the startup Cloudstack is deploying two system VMs one is console proxy (CP) other is secondary storage VM (SSVM) but this installations never over , until solve the problem its almost 200 deployment request generated by system.

if you choose the Citrix XenServer as a hypervisor , you should have vhd-util to run everything well. Looks like its used on every bit of vhd process like snapshot,create,check bla bla

Two problems we have , first is which vhd-util because when you connect hypervisor via cli there is already vhd-util there ? and second where we have to put.

First question answer ;  You have to download it from here this is described here

Second question answer ; You have to put vhd-util on each Citrix XenServer hypervisor under /opt/xensource/bin/ folder

After this two things everything is start to work quite well.

Have a fun with Cloudstack and Citrix XenServer
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Lets start Cloudstack …

I’m newly start to interest with Cloudstack , mostly using vCloud Director and SCVMM for manage vSphere and Hyper-v environment and very old Xen user but completely far a way what happened and what is it right now !

Now with my colleague Mehmet Mart, trying to apply/create same environments what we are offering now

I would like to create some articles because docs are sometimes not explain every bits, something absent and not so much people blogging(sorry, of course find someone but its not too much like vmware or microsoft) about it but mailing list is okay, you can find out answers and some companies are looks like fallowing the lists and answer you and have an offerings about design , support like shapeblue

Lets start Cloudstack