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vShield Manager HA or Backup vDirector Environment

in vDirector environment you should care about vShield Manager to keep management of vShield Edge and re-deploy requirment

interesting for me because vShield Manager have an integration with vCenter to read Host&Clusters and Networks but Secured Port Groups are managed by vShield Manager. Interesting because i expect that keep vShield Manager data on vCenter database too for easy and fast restores.

Two things i will explain

  1. Backup and disaster of vShield Manager
  2. What you will happen or want to reinstall customers vShield Edge virtual machines.

To backup vShield Manager pls login via https://Your.vShield.Manager.IP , click Settings & Reports , Configuration Tab and Backups Tab ..

if backup top is not available then there is an issue about integration vShield Manager and vCenter , to be sure pls check related section

Backup method could be sep or ftp , pls choose which are useful for you

in my test , after backup i stopped vShield Manager VM and reinstall new vShield Manager from OVF and assigned same ip address and same admin password for vDirector do not understand something.

After all check everything normal on vDirector, pls refresh vCenter under vDirector settings

Then login vShield , you can see that for vCenter integration there is no credentials and informations there , pls write down vCenter server FQDN and credentials, then check the Host & Clusters and Networks you will see that all things pulled from vCenter but Secured Port Groups no !

Go to Backup section again and set the ftp and scp informations again and click -View Backups- button select the backup what you want to restore and thats it.

Try to add rule to vShield Edge via vDirector gui maybe you can get some error messages one time or two time but after that it will work or maybe you should wait but i did not

edge error: Firewall add Rules net:”785cfefb-08b4-4a3b-a092-e1a663376295″ (“dvportgroup-250″):on VSM:””:failed
 – HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Code : 70913, Description : Internal error in communication with edge. Please retry
if you have better knowledge and experience about send a comment




Factory Reset Your Fortigate

if you need to back to configure everything from the beginning , pls do ssh to telnet to your forti and under global (do ‘config global’) execute fallowing command, thats it


FGT1KB3911600635 (global) # execute factoryreset

This operation will reset the system to factory default!

Do you want to continue? (y/n)y