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IBM v7000 Disk Firmware update cause any performance issue or effect anything?

to whom want to upgrade Storwize v7000 disk firmware (microcode)  🙂

to whom wonder any down time or performance issue should be expected or not  🙂

aaaa shortly yes ! you will see interesting chart like below ; IOPS values what you see in chart is measured after disk firmware update over

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 11.24.29 PM

For how to upgrade please read

You can find out putty,pscp,puttygen from

For not to me or quickly memorize or shortly such article

pscp -i you.generated.file.with.puttygen.for.auth.ppk IBM2076_INSTALL_upgradetest_9.15 username.which.has.sshkey@
Not: This folder at the upgrade time cleared by system because of space need and puttygen will help you to create a file for auth and you have to assign this key with a username what you create on v7000

After upload upgrade test file execute such command step by step
svcservicetask applysoftware -file IBM2076_INSTALL_upgradetest_9.15
svcupgradetest -f 
Not: This command show the count of drive need to be upgrade , you can also add -d parameter to see everything  as a list 

pscp -i you.generated.file.with.puttygen.for.auth.ppk IBM2076_DRIVE_You.Downloaded.Code username.which.has.sshkey@

To list the disk drives
svcinfo lsdrive -nohdr |while read did error use;do svcinfo lsdrive $did |while read id value;do if [[ $id == "firmware_level" ]];then echo $did" "$value;fi;done;done

To Upgrade single drive
svctask applydrivesoftware -file IBM2076_DRIVE_You.Downloaded.Code -type firmware -drive 23

To Upgrade some of disks

for did in 100 101;do echo "Updating drive "$did;svctask applydrivesoftware -file IBM2076_DRIVE_20110928 -type firmware -drive $did;sleep 10s;done