PSOD Issue on vSphere 5.1


We had an issue about after upgrade vSphere 5.0 to 5.1
Somehow, when loaded or not loaded 5.1 nodes goes down , this is not only about upgrade, fresh installs have same issue
We fixed the issue with vmware with execute such command on console  “esxcli system settings advanced set -o /BufferCache/MinZeroCopyBufferLength -i 512” . This command need a restart of node
After long tests we saw that there is no issue with it  and vmware inform that with ESXi 5.1 Patch 01 problem will be solved.

You can find out what i got an errors
Also vmware inform that this is not hardware issue looks like software issue

Related Screen Shots ;



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  1. +1 😦

    VMuare ESXi 5.1.0 [Releasebuild-838463 x86_641

    #PF Exception 14 in world 9909:vmast.9988 IP 8x418887288ale addr 0x41840150f428

    crO=0x8001003d cr2=0x41848150f420 cr3=8xcff35880 cr4=0x216c

    Last branch from 0x41800728092d to 0x418687280ale

    frarie=0x41221ad5bba0 ip=8x418887288ale err=0 rf lags=0xl0016

    rax=0x41040150f420 rbx=0x41040150f420 rcx=0xf42

    rdx=0x2 rbp=Ox41221ad5bcd0 rsi=0xf

    rd i =0x24150f42 r0=0xl r9=0xffff81OlOe66a218

    r 10=0x70 rll=0x7159507737e3e718 rl2=0x24150f42

    rl3=0x417fc738f250 rl4=0x2 rl5=0x2472a2



    Code start: 0x410007200000 VMK uptine: 0:01:22:04.965

    0x41221ad5bcdO:[0x410007200ale]PShareHashTableMalk0vnkernellnover*0x219 stack: 0x41221ad5bd24 0x41221ad5bd50:[0x418007281c6d]PShare_RenoveHintPwnkerne 1 inover*0x178 stack: 0x4122Iad5bda0 Ox41221ad5bdd0:[0x4180072ca39c1 VwflewCoM.PShareRemoveH i nt0vnkernelllnover+0x123 stack: 0x21ad04 0x41721 ad5be30:f0x4100072cd70a 1 VnMcnCouPFra»eRenoveHintOvnkerneltnovcr*0x6d stack: 0x410000000000 0x4122lad5bfaO: [0x4180072cef79]VnMenCouPShareFnPvnkerne 1 Unower*8×548 stack: 0x41221ad5bfFO 0x41221ad5bff0: [0x418O072bl3c41 VtiAss i st ant Process T askOvnkerne 1 ttnover *0x 19f stack: 0x0 0x41221ad5bff8:(0x0Kunknoun> stack: 0x0 base fs=0x0 gs=0x410040000000 Kgs=0x0 Coredunp to disk. Slot 1 of 1.

    Finalized dunp header (9/9) DiskDunp: Successful.

    Debugger uaiting(uorld 9909) — no port for renote debugger. “Escape” for local debugger.

  2. Pls apply the fix, it will be solved

    • Barnaby Arnott

      Can you tell me your VM support case number? I have exactly the same issue and have a support ticket open with VMWare. If I can reference your case, it will probably expedite the resolution of mine.
      Did they say anything about publishing a KB on this? Lots of other seem to have this issue –

      • My SR number is ‘12228564210’
        No KB, but i write down my blog next update looks like they will fix it, a workaround which applied to me okay until now
        I never seen such link but this fix help me a lot
        Did you try it ?

  3. This fixed it for me too before VMware got back to me. They also strongly recommended installing patch

  4. MikeInCanada

    Thank you so much for this… Help me as well

  5. Big thanks! You save my time)

  6. Very nice info. Good work!
    Here is a link to another PSOD if someone needs it 🙂
    Best regards

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