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Upgrade vDirector,vShield Manager

This documentation is explaining upgrade vDirector 1.5 to 5.1 and vShield Manager 5.0-473791 to 5.1.0-807847 .

Next you have to upgrade vCenter,ESXi and other components, if you need instruction pls check the link. (Upgrading vCenter ,ESXi ,vShield are not must its working with vDirector 5.1 one but for full functionality and capability you have to upgrade all)

I expect that you are using vShield Manager 5.0 and above because under 5.0 version SQL upgrade will be canceled

Download vmware-vcloud-director-5.1.0-810718.bin (Upgrade File) andVMware-vShield-Manager-upgrade-bundle-5.1.0-807847.tar.gz (Upgrade File)

To understand really what was changed, i advise you to get screenshots and create procedures how you are working on vDirector, then create something on version 5.1 and compare everychange very easy.
Shortly you couldn’t see any more Organization Networks on Manage & Monitor screen , Edge Gateways will be on newly , Storage Profile and Datastore Cluster will be appear newly 😀

Be aware about your vShield Edges, a new concept “compact” and “full” is available, shortly full have more ram then compact and support multiple interface 😀 which we are waiting for a long time also HA now available means you have redundant firewall now and don’t worry that alignment  of this VMs if you have enough host, DRS care about where place the HA vShield Edges.

Pls care about whats change about Organization Network changed vDC network, Nat rules changed Edge Gateway Rules.

We was waiting vShield Edge become more usable because old version have no CIDR entry, no Load Balancer , no DNAT, no HA but it has now, right time to use it but if you have a vShield firewalls soory 😦 you have to upgrade all pls read the instruction from  upgrade section of 5.1 installation pdf, which link is below.

I advise you to read the documentation one time to understand whats is changed and steps for other explanations , but i can say that this article %100 cover the upgrade and succeeded %100

Step 1  : Upgrade vDirector

Check the status of vDirector, what it is doing any job running on it
./cell-management-tool -u vDirector_admin_user -p vDirector_admin_user_pass cell –status

Stop the new process entry , just only allow to processed already submitted requests
./cell-management-tool -u administrator -p Pa55w0rd cell –quiesce true

Check status until queue down to 0 and then execute command below to stop the cell
./cell-management-tool -u administrator -p Pa55w0rd cell –shutdown

for me cell could not stop quickly, you have to wait little , or stop the vcd service without execute such commands

First give executable right and execute the installation

chmod u+x vmware-vcloud-director-5.1.0-810718.bin

Upgrade SQL server


Step 2 : Upgrade vShield Manager

Login vShield Manager and upgrade it from Settings & Report –> Updates  –> Upload Settings and upload the file you downloaded from


Click install and fallow upgrade …..



Installation will reboot the vShield Manager VM wait until see the such line , then you can connect new manager


Upgrade vCenter Inventory, Server , vSphere Clients ,ESXi and others like syslog, web client, if need  help, pls check the link

Continue to configure vShiled Manager, need to integrate vCenter Server with it and configure ntp which vmware advse to have SSO server and vShield manager actually all components working together need to be same i thing ….

Pls Edit lookup Service , vCenter Server, DNS and ntp and configure it with your credentials …



After upgrade over, upgrade  vDirector agent, but be careful its need switch node maintenance mode , means need to move all VMs  between nodes until you update all nodes , pls see below



After that hope everything over fine , test your service creations and new features …..