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Storwize First Time Installation Step1

Now, i have a v7000

First you need to download and copy the tool to your USB drive, pls be careful your USB drive should be formated FAT32, if you format NTFS like me V7000 can not write down the response file and you start to hate from such process, be careful ….

V7000 Initial Tool Link

Execute it and you will see the configuration window like below, choose required one, my system is block because of this i will choose first one

Set the ip informations want to assign

Now, interesting need to be remove the usb drive and go to the behind of Storwize and plug the USB there and lets see the LEDs behind flashing and stopping ­čÖé very funny

Pls click finish and remove the USB drive, don’t think that which port to plug, just one them

You will see that a file which name is satask.txt create when you look inside you will see the line below

satask mkcluster -clusterip -gw -mask

Because of V7000 do not have a Front Panel like on SVC then need to do it , but instead of COM port or such other i think its a good way to do.

Not: if you execute the tool again , do something or not , tool delete the initial file and need to reconfigure it.

if everything is okay then you will have satask_result.html file, if inside there is no error message out then everything should be okay.

try to access v7000 like it with your ip)

After login set the service ip first or use again initial utility to set it. Service mode are really useful because my v7000 is demo and i couldn’t configure v7000 with initial tool because its pre-configured and because of some error on system my all requests redirected to┬áhttps://

Default password is passw0rd

via service; you can create the cluster , change the node mode like candidate , update the firmware , re-install , collect the logs bla bla …

IBM documents is very well i just want to indicate USB Format issue and if you have demo system instead of use initial tool use service mode to create cluster and upgrade or re-install the system

Pls contact me if something wrong or you are looking other then what i wrote


Why Hot-Plug Modules but Not Plug-and-Play I/O Modules

Right now i and G├Âkhan is working on to introduce iSCSI I/O module to VNX storage. We expected that without stop i/o we can plug and go the iscsi card but not ! We have to reboot both i/o controller together to initialize cards. Somebody can say what you expecting what happened if you have IBM or Netapp storages, pls see below

Check the link┬á , its said that AUTOMATED, what is automated ? I’m still up and waiting the steps over , its take closer a hour

Why recognized I/O modules need to be restart SPs for initialize, this is cloud world and cloud storages need to be more flexible, i believe the programmers and logic can handle it

Is it really hard to created manually powered bus and recognize and initialize the i/o module like kudzu in Linux