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FC Brocades / IBM Branded Brocades / EMC Branded Brocades ISL Connection

i accept that you are adding new fc switch to fabric, this document do not related with merge something

Be sure no configuration on new switch, if it has then clear it

Savage_Opress:FID128:admin> cfgshow

Defined configuration:

no configuration defined

Effective configuration:

no configuration in effect

You do not have to deal with DomainID, default every switch have DomainID 1 and when you join the new switch to new existing fabric need to be restart because need to be election if without reboot you connect two fc switch via ISL link, you will get incompatible …

Savage_Opress:FID128:admin> islshow

1:  0->    (incompatible)

Try to reboot new switch you will see that it will join to new fabric like below (to reboot fc switch type “reboot” to go )

Savage_Opress:FID128:admin> islshow  1:  0->  4 10:00:00:05:33:55:ef:af   2 Chewbacca       sp:  8.000G bw:  8.000G

Chewbacca:admin> islshow
1: 0-> 3 10:00:00:05:1e:d6:5c:19 1 R2D2 sp: 8.000G bw: 8.000G
2: 4-> 0 10:00:00:05:33:ab:b9:95 3 Savage_Opress sp: 8.000G bw: 8.000G

Now this configuration is cascade base installation , Chewbacca connected to R2D2 , Savage connected to Chewbacca , if you want you can connect Savage to R2D2 for ring topology

Also maybe you have a question on your mind, domain name is not important on this configuration.