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Multiple ISL connection between two fiber switchs without ISL Trunk

Before i posted some different articles for connect multiple switch together, now i will show you the how multiple ISL connection you can do without ISL Trunk
Problem is from Brocade community pages i can not find out right answer or i don’t know answers why not enough helpful for such big company community page ­čśŽ

Short explanation , because of FC network is do not have any Ethernet based Spanning Tree kind of issue , you can do easily multiple connection between two switches. My purpose is not load balance or any port saturation , just only have an issue about my E port , for to do this i have to switch the E port or ISL port.

I plugged the second connection between two switches without any interruption and FC switches take care about routing and traffic like below. P0 and P2 are two E ports. This is Dynamic Load Sharing. You can see it with execute “dlsshow” command which show that dls set or not or you can set it with “dlsset” command to enable it. I guess its come default because our switches 1-4 years old and they have it.

A note for you , I’m not completely sure but when i unplug on of E port , i saw some short latency increase on storage site.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.09.25 PM

Also a good comments you have to take care about to see the topology and paths

Use “urouteshow” , “topologyshow”

Also when i search something finally i found perfect pdf file which everybody should read it

Click to access FCBasics.pdf