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About FC SAN – Collection

After made some modification in our SAN network i need to describe all

First  about the design(Architectural) point of view very clear explanation from brocade. Actually my design is between mesh and core-edge

About the limitations need to read each FOS version scalability guidelines , this is for version 7.x  (FOS is Fabric OS , Firmware or Operating System of brocade switch) its important because how many switch(domain id) supported per fabric, how many access gateway per fabric, how many node per fabric, number of zone

if you dont know what is Domin, Domain ID, E Port, N Port pls read IBM Redbooks (Chapter 2 and for Domain ID page 405 Principal Switch Selection)

About Brocade Access Gateway read this (1.1.1 Basic Concept, 1.1.2 Port Mapping, 1.2 NPIV_ID Virtualization, 1.3 Benefits, 1.3.4 Cost Reduction , 1.5 Limitations)

Most important question mark in my mind was multiple connection between Brocade Access Gateway to Fabric SWITCH for availability , read section 2.4.1 in same document , i tested and F port to N port mapping are switched and communication is continue without any issue at the fail-over time

About Brocade Access Gateway port mapping use same document or fallow related link

For ag commend reference

For change FC switch to Access Gateway execute commands bellow

First you have to disable switch (this is also needed if you update the licenses on switch too)

Jango-Fett:admin> switchdisable

Disable auth policy

Jango-Fett:admin> authutil –policy -sw off    Warning: Activating the authentication policy requires either DH-CHAP secrets or PKI certificates depending on the protocol selected. Otherwise, ISLs will be segmented during next E-port bring-up. ARE YOU SURE  (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
Auth Policy is set to OFF

Use such commend if you want to sure that you really disabled

Jango-Fett:admin> authutil –show
AUTH TYPE     HASH TYPE     GROUP TYPE ————————————–
fcap,dhchap     sha1,md5     0,1,2,3,4 Switch Authentication Policy: OFF Device Authentication Policy: OFF
Then switch to access gateway mode, switch configs will be deleted and rebooted

Jango-Fett:admin> ag –modeenable
WARNING: Access Gateway mode changes the standard behavior of the switch. Please check Access Gateway Administrator’s Guide before proceeding. Enabling agmode will remove all the configuration data on the switch including zoning configuration, FAWWN configuration and security database. Please backup your configuration using configupload. This operation will reboot the switch.
Do you want to continue? (yes, y, no, n): [no] y
Access Gateway mode was enabled successfully Switch is being rebooted…

Additionally need to know about licensing  because from community i can see many question about ISL , people says ISL need license but actually ISL Trunking need optional license