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Save money from Windows Licensing on Openstack

With Windows 2016 a big licensing change happen , pls read from here

What should you do ?  You have two ways ..

First way is using Isolation Filter

This is very static and painful because each time you need to update something like which image which host not easy configurable and i guess its useful when very very specific things need to manage.

We need to check/modify our nova.conf first, for to do this jump in your terminal screen and connect your one of management client/server or for HPE Helion users Lifecycle Manager.

Set environment variables by hand or execute Openstack OpenRC file (We need administrator credentials)

i will continue with HPE Helion way but its not much more then update nova.conf and execute some manual commands for others.

Edit you nova.conf and find out related line “scheduler_default_filters”

You should have “IsolatedHostsFilter” option set as a scheduler_default_filters and need more two configurations which are “isolated_hosts” and “isolated_images

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