Be sure to do not have same Datastore name when you mount it to vSphere ESXi

Stupid mistake , yes but be careful the name of datastore when you add via NFS , error is below

2015-09-17T13:45:41.514Z cpu6:35421 opID=8b519c98)World: 15448: VC opID 819e8398-b07c-49f1-8cf7-7d25c0eee9df-3843-ngc-d2-aa-79b2 maps to vmkernel opID 8b519c98
2015-09-17T13:45:41.514Z cpu6:35421 opID=8b519c98)NFS: 157: Command: (mount) Server: ( IP: ( Path: (/VMwareDatastore1) Label: (Datastore) Options: (None)
2015-09-17T13:45:41.514Z cpu6:35421 opID=8b519c98)StorageApdHandler: 982: APD Handle 5b1303e5-9075b046 Created with lock[StorageApd-0x4304d1ab6460]
2015-09-17T13:45:41.516Z cpu6:35421 opID=8b519c98)NFS: 347: Restored connection to the server mount point /VMwareDatastore1, mounted as 5b1303e5-9075b046-0000-000000000000 (“Datastore”)
2015-09-17T13:45:41.516Z cpu6:35421 opID=8b519c98)NFS: 218: NFS mount status: Success
2015-09-17T13:45:41.520Z cpu6:35421 opID=8b519c98)VC: 2232: Unmount volume b00f 28 5b1303e5 9075b046 60001 2487df73 a945e4e0 f2923383 281971a4 4391 439112e9b600 0 439112e9b600 41800ba7d279: Not found
2015-09-17T13:45:41.520Z cpu6:35421 opID=8b519c98)StorageApdHandler: 1066: Freeing APD handle 0x4304d1ab6460 [5b1303e5-9075b046]
2015-09-17T13:45:41.520Z cpu6:35421 opID=8b519c98)StorageApdHandler: 1150: APD Handle freed!


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