VMWARE VVOL 3PAR and IBM XIV Second Findings

Hello All ,

Before start maybe you need to be sure something about VVOL ;

-> VVOL is object !  http://blogs.vmware.com/education/2015/08/top-questions-vvol-webinar.html

->VMware Virtual Volume API instead of simply presenting a LUN to the hypervisor, letting an ESXi host do data placement and access, a storage system takes on itself a bulk of storage-related functions.

-> Storage Policy Based Management is must

->PE (Protocol Endpoint) what kind a passive multiplexer is it ? Finally understand it from Cormac PE.

  • Protocol Endpoint is a logical I/O proxy presented to a host to communicate with Virtual Volumes stored on a Storage Container. When a virtual machine on the host performs an I/O operation,the protocol endpoint directs the I/O to the appropriate virtual volume. This is a LUN on block storage arrays, and a mount point on NAS arrays. These must be pre-configured on the array, and then presented to all the ESXi hosts that wish to use VVols. These are discovered ‘or’ mounted to the ESXi hosts just like a datastore. However they are not used for storage, just communication.

-> Actually for 3PAR no need to have pre-configured LUN also same on IBM XIV (I mean yourself, they do it for you)

Lets come to IBM VVOL implementation ;

  • You need IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition(SCBE) -> Without it no way to establish control plane between vCenter and IBM XIV (its free)
  • 3PAR VVOL integration completely easy then IBM
    • With IBM you need to install IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition  first
    • Enable Meta Data Service on XIV
    • XIV support Multi-Tenancy (3PAR also have) and before configure VVOL need to create external managed Domain (IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition will manage it) Please google redp5183 , its good and single documentation 😀
    • Then need to care about redundancy of control plane actually ibm have a solution for IBM Spectrum HA Config (You can integrate 3PAR with vCenter as a Storage Provider need only startvasa command on it)
    • Then add the array 😉
      • I have to note here removing storage array from SCBE do not cause any data lost , just only XIV removed from management of IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition
  • Need to set space and service
    • Space just a logical name which can contain service and multiple space provide multiple storage containers
    • Service is about about capability like Thin,Thick and Compression, Encryption and of course about VVOL service
    • Then add new resource/attach resource to service then its over , just only need to add VVOL type datastore

– > About multiple PE ;

What i see , 3PAR support single PE . For IBM XIV because of you are creating ALU for each ESXi node you also provide LUN ID which means you are creating PE for each host. (No documentation but because of we are assigning LUN ID each and ALU is called PE)

IBM created a ALU on the XIV, its is a master LUN, all of the VVOL are luns “behind” the ALU. This is done so we dont exceed the number of paths ESX supports. With the ALU, there is only one set of paths defined, not a set for every VVOL.

-> What is not cool with IBM implementation ;

You should read from notes of SCBE for do not care about meta and tick pools 🙂 but they looks like bad , i don’t know why they do not hide it and giving warning bla bla

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 15.41.14

Also you will see very interesting named values there and looks like VVOL and RTM is not working together

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 15.46.07


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