How SCVMM balance between NVGRE GWs

Today, we focused how SCVMM balance virtual networks(VN) and services between NVGRE GWs or Network Services(NS) with my team mate Gokhan Acar.

We have two NS configured in SCVMM

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 13.30.05

First what we faced, second or last added gateway (sorry no time to add 3th one) become first responsible unit to manage and provide NAT, VPN services to related VNs. We deployed “internetgwservice1” first and create some VN on it then deploy “internetgwservice2” and SCVMM start to create a new requests on it.

Then we try to understand how SCVMM really try to balance between two NS. Old one already have seven VN then we start to create additional VNs. its start to deploy every VN on newly added gw. I expect that after eight it will start to load balance but not !

To shorten the time, try to change the limit 50 to lower value to make easy test, but discover that its not possible to do 😦

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 13.41.50

You should be faced with such error below

Error (21426)

Execution of Microsoft.SystemCenter.NetworkService::RegisterGatewayVMNetwork on the configuration provider 4ee559f1-f479-480c-9458-d14b8b1c1779 failed. Detailed exception: Microsoft.VirtualManager.Utils.CarmineException: Unable to add routing domain information to the Remote Access server. (A Hardware Management error has occurred trying to contact server :n:CannotProcessFilter :HRESULT 0x8033801a:No instance found with given property values. .
WinRM: URL: [], Verb: [ENUMERATE], Resource: [*], Filter: [associators of {Msvm_EthernetPortAllocationSettingData.InstanceID=”Microsoft:A449D45C-53B9-4B0A-9E98-C0E3BFB9ECBD\\BB614953-7878-4C15-A915-A587B429D7B1\\C”}where AssocClass=Msvm_EthernetPortSettingDataComponent ResultClass=Msvm_EthernetSwitchPortRoutingDomainSettingData]
Check that WinRM is installed and running on server For more information use the command “winrm helpmsg hresult” and .)
Fix the issue in Remote Access server and retry the operation.
Recommended Action
Check the documentation for the configuration provider or contact the publisher support.
Then we back and try to create more VN with NAT services enabled
Until reach 50th VN everything created on last added NVGRE GW but when we try to create 51th VN we faced same error like above. We are very sure that some cache things happen because the next GW is not run on related host
I guess need to wait little but we try to restart SCVMM services 😀 and push to create 51th VN again , its worked ! 🙂
Continue creating 52,53,54 and its working
Looks like SCVMM do not make round robin based balance, first over the related NVGRE GW then switch to next ….


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