vCloud Directore Datastore Recognize Issue

A newly added datastores are not looks like assigned to provider and usage info is N/A.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 6.42.01 PM

Reconnect vCenter and refresh storage profiles , unmount and mount datastore , disable and enable datastore do not help us

With support we did the fallowings

Backup the vCloud Director sql database

stop the cells

Execute such sql commends
delete from dbo.cluster_compute_resource_inv;
delete from dbo.compute_resource_inv;
delete from dbo.custom_field_manager_inv;
delete from dbo.datacenter_inv;
delete from  dbo.datacenter_network_inv;
delete from dbo.datastore_inv;
delete from dbo.datastore_profile_inv
delete from  dbo.dv_portgroup_inv;
delete from dbo.dv_switch_inv;
delete from dbo.folder_inv;
delete from dbo.managed_server_inv;
delete from dbo.managed_server_datastore_inv;
delete from dbo.managed_server_network_inv;
delete from dbo.network_inv;
delete from dbo.resource_pool_inv;
delete from dbo.storage_pod_inv;
delete from dbo.storage_profile_inv;
delete from dbo.task_inv;
delete from dbo.vm_inv;
delete from dbo.property_map;

DELETE FROM qrtz_simple_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_fired_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_cron_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_job_listeners;
DELETE FROM qrtz_scheduler_state;
DELETE FROM qrtz_blob_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_paused_trigger_grps;
DELETE FROM qrtz_triggers;
DELETE FROM qrtz_job_details;

start the cells

reconnect to vCenter from vCloud Director

and hope all problem has gone !


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