vDirector 5.1, finally number of supported things increased

This is different look to whats new of vDirector 5.1
This article still in update ….

About Allocation Model

–vCpu Speed

A new parameter added to configuration, before it was available for only Pay-As-You-GFrow model now you can set it on Allocation Model. Be careful its not important you you set %0 guarantee for cpu if you set vCpu speed,  its counted and you can not power up VM if each vm vCpu Speed exceed the set of GHZ usage.

Looks like no %100 backward compatibility , you have to set 0.26 which is minimum value.

Very important this value after upgraded set 0.26 for all organisation for allocation model and its cause performances issue because all running VMs are limited to use 0.26 GHZ cpu , be careful

VMware support said that “engineering is preparing a workaround for this in a future update of vCloud director.

About Storage/Disk of vDC and VM

–Changing Organization vDC storage allocation (changing the vDC disk quota)

It’s moved under storage profile, you can not increase or decrease storage from properties of vDC

–Add disk and/or increase size of existing vm disk

At the end, its allowed now you can add disk or increase the disk size when vm running without stop it

Care about nodes local disk

After storage profile support local disks become useful by vDirector pls disable all locals on vDirector

Still we have a headaches , all vDirector admins pls make a feature request from right site of panel <Feature Request<

  1. No way to add vNIC when vm is running :((
  2. No way to change network when vm is running :((
  3. I don’t understand why still vDirector do not understand shouted down vm and indicate partially down message ?!
  4. Firewall user experience need to be improved like zone/aggregate rules like zone for inside to outside , zone for outside to inside, zone for other pares like between dmz1 to dmz2 or dmz1 to outside for better understanding

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  1. I do see the same behavior on previously defined Org vDC’s where the allocation values are screwed up. Fortunately the backend Resource Pools did not change and are at their correct limits. I can’t find any VM’s with the vCPU’s actually limited to .26GHz. Seems like a cosmetic value within the interface.

    I am having a problem getting the CPU limit off of Infinity though for existing organizations.


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