Can not delete host entry on VNX via EMC Unisphere

Today we faced deregistered initiator hosts are still on Host List of VNX, no way to remove such records because “Remove” option was Grey

Again, no way to solve such issue without restart service 🙂 very funny

Do step by step

Close EMC Unisphere windows first
Go https://SPA/setup/
Login with credentials
Click on Restart Management Server button
Click Yes
and Submit

wait and control the page again its accessible or not, then switch SPB, do same thing for SPB

then try to access EMC Unisphere , you will see that all entries which need to be removed before are gone 😀



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  1. Diego Santos

    it worked for me! 🙂

  2. this does not seem to work form me… Its still grayed out for the inits I wan to remove. I’ll keep poking around….

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