FC Brocades / IBM Branded Brocades / EMC Branded Brocades First Time Installation

quick as possible

Connect console cable (sorry i don’t like EZSetup) 9600,n,8,1 Flow is none

Default user is admin and password is password 🙂

Pls do not forget i don’t know which terminal you will use like  Putty / SecureCRT or bla bla don’t backspace something such terminals can understand different sometimes and you can not logon or something will be wrong

Brocade will ask you 4 users pass which are root,factory,admin,user

then, continue hope ip address are ready to go , pls type like below


Darth_Maul:FID128:admin> ipaddrset
Ethernet IP Address []:
Ethernet Subnetmask []:
Gateway IP Address []:
DHCP [Off]:

Not: Type your one, i already did it

Connent GUI like http://ip.address.of.yourdevice

Click Switch Admin –> 

  • Change the name of switch
  • Set DNS Address
  • Set Domian Name
Apply it !

Click Licenses –>

it should be empty or just only default/embedded ones should be

Now my switch is IBM one and i need to go web site http://www-912.ibm.com/LicenseRequestClient/
Not: Other vendors should have their own one, ask to they 

On terminal type like below to get License ID

Darth_Maul:FID128:admin> licenseidshow

Type your email address and all transaction key step by step with license ID to get Activation keys

Back to GUI again , on license section and enter license keys , then grey sections of switch become more beautiful to you 😀

After add license execute such commands

Darth_Maul:FID128:admin> switchdisable
Darth_Maul:FID128:admin> switchenable

Now its beautiful ..






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