VMware vSphere4/5 Cluster , FortiGate and isolation address issue

We had a problem about isolation address ping issue, somebody can say “you stupid” but i would like to create such article who can have such issue an maybe like us forgot or can imagine the problem

Short explanation, when you crate VMware vSphere4/5 cluster , default system check the isolation address which is default ESX/ESXi node/host gateway, which usually your firewall 🙂

When you install FortiGate and configure the “Administrator” settings like below (Black line indicate allowed IP address who can access FortiGate Box to manage)


Related picture indicate inside interface are allowed to ping


You can think that inside interface open for PING but don’t forget because of you activated Administrative access which was (any) default and set some ip addresses which only can access to management Forti , now no any ESX/ESXi node/host can PING the their gateway and you will get an isolation error messages.

Pls add your ESX/ESXi node/host ip network in to Administrative access section , then you done !


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