Don’t Wait L3 Redundancy From You VNX Data Movers

EMC and File Services …..

When i heard that multiple data movers can run on blade and if you need a additional performance and capacity ( because of data mover are limited to serve a space ) you can add move. I’m really impressed

Today i’m thinking again that how EMC developers can’t or why do not implement Layer3 redundancy in to data mover or that environment ….
Also more funny thing is this movers can not failover if Control Station is not available 😦

You should care about L3 yourself , you do not have to chance to made a mistake, you can not set wrong vlan id to switch port (of course you did not but we are human and can make a mistake)? also you should always watch you switch uplinks which data mover are connected that switch 🙂 Where is the real redundancy ? Okay, there is Fail Safe configuration but does it understand your switch uplink problem ?

Redhat Cluster Suite and NFS/CIFS , Netapp , GlusterFS , Object Storages and all other vendors almost have such option but EMC not …

Think Again ..

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