Consider to resize LUN when you are using DS5000 series storages

Last week i kicked my customer service when try to extend LUN on IBM DS5000 series storage.

Really i do not want to do it but really i don’t now the design of storage and how handle the related process because just think that every storage should do same thing when extend the LUN, what is 0 impact the performance like Netapp or IBM SVC product

Actually some of DS series like DS3000 and DS5000 are not IBM product, they are LSI one but LSI acquired by Netapp and they are Netapp product now !

Issue is when you extend the LUN, IBM DS 3000/5000 series storages should have to move next LUN before extend the space. Why pls see below, X1 LUN was created and space identified between Offset 0x0 and 0x16800000. The second LUN is started from Offset 0x168000000, then if i want to extend X1 IBM storage should move the Y1 and this is impact the performance pls be sure the time is not peak time of your application or service. İf you say why this is like this its about performance and design of storage, IBM support line do not want to explain it until i compline from performance degradation.


Offset: 0x0                    Length:     0x16800000 (377487360 dec)


Offset: 0x16800000             Length:     0xb1cb000 (186429440 dec)



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